Payday…it’s been and gone

That most blessed of days, payday, has been and gone. Standing orders have sent my money here, there and everywhere and a money blunder has left my contingency fund, wistfully named ‘spare cash’.

Lesson learned folks, don’t online bank when you’re tired.

Basically I have four debts to service; two are interest free, one a moderate interest rate and one overdraft whose charges are about to rocket. The plan originally was to clear the overdraft, make minimum payments on everything and to move anything left from the debt fund over to the moderate interest rate debt. Good plan, yes?

The blunder came when I was making the payment to the moderate interest rate card; instead of entering the amount I wished to pay, I entered my debit card security code and paid £150 too much, taking me down to a £60 contingency for the month.

Oh crap.

Well, on the bright side, at least the money went to my debt rather than into a black hole where I would never get it back. I’m seeing the silver lining in this and hoping to clear this card this month through my newly acquired frugal habits!

Check back next time for my frugal experiments with the grocery bill!


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