Fuzzy Love

This post was meant to be about grocery shopping, but my fuzzies caught my eye instead.

Meet the two biggest expenses in my life:


These are my two hounds, both retired racers adopted from different areas of the county. One recently had an expensive dental, and one has ongoing health problems related to previous mistreatment and general old age.

Perhaps having dogs isn’t the most frugal thing…

Ok, it really isn’t. But there’s things you can do, and I do, to ease the costs a little.

Mine aren’t insured; they were both over seven when I adopted them and as ex racers we were limited on the places that would insure them; those places were prohibitively expensive. Up until this year, they have hardly cost me a penny.

First tip: food. Mine have a specialist greyhound food, on subscription from amazon. Shop around online for dog food; I never expected to find it on amazon but there it was! They have a bag and a half of food a month, costing approximately £20 altogether. The other food tip – dry food where possible. Better for the teeth and cheaper!

Second tip: treats. It took me a long time to get my head around this one and even longer to get my boyfriend’s head around it. Dogs do not NEED treats. Half of the time the treats contain no nutritional value and far more energy than your dog needs. We do keep a packet of plain rice cakes in the house for them and they have one each a day.

Third tip: worming. When I figured out which wormers suited the dogs the best, I got them off the Internet. Cost of wormers from Animeds Direct – just over £8 for both of them. From the vet? Over £20. Wormers do not need prescription.

Fourth tip: prescriptions. One of my dogs has Cushings Disease and related diabetes, he’s a bit medication heavy bless him. A vial of insulin, which lasts exactly ten days for him, now costs over £26 from my vet – £2.60 a day! Please don’t be nervous or bothered about asking your vet for a prescription to get the drugs cheaper on the Internet. Mine charges £7 for a prescription but I can get a vial of his insulin from Animeds for just over £12, more than halving the cost of each dosage. What’s more, the prescription is on a repeat, so that £7 cost is spread over six months before I need another. Your vet won’t think any less of you!

That’s all I have for now, but hopefully I’ll get to share my plans to get my grocery bill down with you all next time!


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