Attack the Groceries

One thing I struggle with is trying to take on too much in one go. The pet budget is pretty much sorted for a few months while we get some weight onto Roger.

My focus for the next few months will be driving the grocery budget down; there’s quite a lot of wastage in this house, oversized portions and bananas going off, that sort of thing. The first thing to get sorted – reducing waste. So, without further ado, I present:

The Meal Plan of Glory!


Meal plans don’t have to be complicated, or beautiful. They can be written on the back of an envelope or on a rizla if that’s all you have (and you have teensy writing). My previous mistake was always searching for the perfect printable and trying to organise it all. Over organising it.

So, I’ve opted for a battered old reporter’s notebook, interspersed with notes on my budget and shopping lists. All the main elements of that shopping list are to be found in our cupboards or freezer and my shopping (already done, due for collection on Friday) has come to about £26.00 this week; this is down from a normal total of about £50-60.

Know what’s in your freezer, it could save you loads!


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