The Basics Brigade


Okay, I’m going to say something now that a whole lot of frugaleurs will probably disagree with.

Value and basics ranges are not always the best value for money.

I must admit to being very selective when it comes to value ranges and I am a bit of a tart when it comes to baked beans. I love the supermarket own range and always buy them in the most economical pack available. I can’t stand value baked beans, so I’ve drawn my ‘value line’ there.

Value ranges aren’t economical if you don’t like them; they will sit in your cupboard gathering dust until some hapless child’s harvest festival presents you with the opportunity to donate them. Value cooking ingredients are however brought into my house with a smile on my face and a song in my heart. I wholeheartedly use flour and pasta from the value range, anything where I know that the finished article will be greater than the sum of it’s parts. I have however moved away from value eggs, free range are only a few pennies more expensive, don’t support the battery hen industry and are far better quality. One day I’m hoping to keep my own chickens so it will no longer be an issue!

My shopping this week came in at a handsome £25.92 which I am rather pleased with. I am sticking to my meal plan, hurrah, and this is starting to work it’s way nicely into my routine. Click and collect is truly working wonders for me, curbing impulse buys and as it’s now free I’m all for it!

Next on the hotlist to control is my petrol expenditure; the food budget plate is spinning along merrily so it’s time for some economical driving! I filled up on Saturday so I’m going to record my mpg figures after a week of “normal” driving so I have a starting point of how much my driving is really costing me. I shall enjoy my girl racerhood for another few days!



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