Another Payday? Really?

So, last month went a little bit pear shaped when I realised my budgets were so far out of whack it was untrue. Careless and more mindless spending when I felt low defeated the parts I did have in budget and I am indebted to savings pots, but luckily my debt is no higher than it was last month and I haven’t gone into the overdraft that I cleared last month, so there’s one triumph. One down, three to go.

So, the money came in and has now been sent winging on it’s way to savings pots, debts, and other accounts. I have scrutinised my budgets more closely this month and am hoping to be a whole lot more accurate but I have read somewhere (probably on MSE) that it does take time to get budgets right. I’m not giving up, that’s the important thing. Here are the main, trouble causing budgets:

Groceries and household – still sitting at £250 this month, however my meal planning and online shopping was so effective last month that I’m keeping a very close eye on this one via a spreadsheet and I should realistically be able to slash this, perhaps even by half. I’m pathetically excited by this.

Petrol – again, still sitting at £90 for this month but as this is my current budget focus again it has an entry on my spreadsheet. I am at the end of my “normal” driving week to set a benchmark for my mpg figures and will update this weekly. That figure is the cost of me filling my tank twice in a month; under normal circumstances I fill up every three weeks or so.

Dogs – £100 which covers food and Roger’s medication. Hoping to have a little of this left as his jabs are due (handy hint, you get an extra bit of time from the jab due date!) so I’m saving up for that.

Debt minimum – £170 is the minimum I want to pay to my debt this month, which has already been paid plus a bit as I made a rounding payment to get rid of a pesky odd number. I have OCD. Leave me alone.

The rest of my wages covers the bills, amounts into spending pots for annual bills and car related expenses, and a bit of spare money. My budget spreadsheet is currently a marvellous thing, colour coded and everything. I am so tired of being on this roller coaster of increase debt, pay off debt, increase it again plus a bit, pay it off, increase, etc etc. I have such a great role model in my mother for how to manage money, that woman is a force of nature she really is. Time to be more like her and less like what I’ve become!


2 thoughts on “Another Payday? Really?

  1. Well done for deciding to get rid of your debts and really Good luck. you are doing the best thing you can to make life 1000 times easier when you are older.

    • Thank you :) I know it will take a huge amount of hard work but it will be worth it when I come out the other side! Your blog is incredibly inspiring, I’m utterly hooked! Plus I’m only a short hop over the border in Norfolk :)

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