Knowing What You Have

A huge part of being frugal, I am coming to find, is knowing what you already have. Whether it be food, toiletries, DVDs, CDs, it’s handy to know what and how many/much you have.

I don’t normally buy toiletries but get hoards of the stuff for Christmas. I think all I have had to buy recently is a bottle of hair conditioner and deodorant. It has got to the point where I have no idea what I have, and not realising that I only have one bottle of shampoo left could have led to something of a greasy disaster.

Doing inventories of things in your home seems to be something we put off constantly but when it’s done, is it really that bad?


Now I’ve done the toiletry inventory, found that I only need to request my favourite soap and glory shampoo and conditioner for Christmas (the rest of the year Alberto will have to do, at a pound a bottle it smells yum and does the job). I’m going to put on my big girl pants and inventory the kitchen next, a cupboard a day should make it less daunting! It should let me meal plan more effectively and reduce that ‘oh damn, I thought I had some of that…’ feeling.

Until next time!


3 thoughts on “Knowing What You Have

  1. I totally agree, before I became super frugal I used to waste money buying doubles of things ALL THE TIME. Now whenever we go to Costco or otherwise stock our home, we make a list of everything and tape it to the inside of the cabinet/pantry doors. I’m super short, so it helps (because I often can’t see the top couple of shelves without my step ladder, lol). Good luck!

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