A Frugal (ish) Week

To be honest with you, I’m struggling to write this post after the mad dash at work this week, but I shall persevere. This week has been a fairly successful week for this aspiring Frugalista. I did stump up for cinema tickets (honestly, Mr AF is like a cooped up child sometimes, very antsy) but I left my purse at home to avoid succumbing to cinema treats. Success one! We did enjoy the film and we barely ever go ‘out out’ as Micky Flanaghan would call it so I don’t feel too bad about it.

I did succumb on two days to junk food. Not happy about this, but it’s gone from every day, several times a day, to twice this week. Not bad.

Obviously I’ve done five. Very. Long. Days. At. Work. But hey, it’s money in my pocket and pension, and I made some more money to go on top of my wages this week, success two.

Success three has been the fact that my pension contribution has taken me below the threshold for making payments to my student loan!

Success four – thoroughly stuck to my meal plan and remembered to get everything out of my freezer so it was ready when needed. Also made this week’s meal plans which include a couple of meals to batch up.

Success five – Mr AF got the electricity bill through, we’ve used far less than last year, the DD has gone down again and he’s due a £260 refund from them which has pretty much paid for our September holiday – happy days.

My budgets are looking healthy at the end of week one –

Groceries – £69.80 / £250 – this includes next week’s shop too.

Petrol – £39.89 / £90 – this should last me the rest of the month. My mpg figure has actually dropped this week, but this has been a week of short journeys rather than long drives which obviously affects the figures. I’ll work out my mpg next time I fill up and see how the decreasing weight of the fuel affects the figures. Ok, I’ve finished with the geekery, wake up!

Pets – £51.89 / £100 – this may go a couple of pounds over but this is the vast majority of the pet related expenses for the month.

All in all a very successful week! If I can stay this frugal with food I will definitely have cleared my final interest earning debt and I can crack on to the interest free ones. That grocery total above was previously probably one weekly shop and one top up; there it’s two weekly shops and a top up. I use my credit card as a debit card – I pay money onto it every month for petrol and groceries and use it at Tesco for the club card points. Next month I will top it up to the budgeted amount and anything left will go to the debt. I need it gone, we’ve got plans for life!


2 thoughts on “A Frugal (ish) Week

  1. Hi,

    I’ve just popped over from Frugal Queen. It looks like you are doing a brilliant job managing your finances! I try to always bake something healthy but delicious on the weekend so that I have a treat in my lunchbox – this may help you forgo those couple of junk food treats!

    Your flower photos were lovely too!


    • Thank you! I must admit I do bake when I can, but Mr AF normally gets there and eats it all before I have a chance to portion it out sensibly! Thank you for your kind words :)

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