…Too Frugal?

So I told Mr AF about this blog yesterday (shhhh, I’m a secret blogger) and he laughed and asked me if I just took a picture of my trainers every day.

Not as weird as it sounds….I’ve had these trainers for a good three years now, they were only cheapies from Sports Direct, and I do tend to wear shoes until they fall off my feet…


Yep, that’s holes in the bottoms. They’re not quite worn all the way through though…so I can’t quite bear to throw them away. And it’s not raining, so what’s a few holes between friends?

Hmm, perhaps I am getting a bit carried away with this frugal lark…


2 thoughts on “…Too Frugal?

  1. When we were paying off our debts I lost loads of weight, I was still wearing a pair of size 12 jeans when I was a size 8 as I didn’t want to pay out for new jeans. Finally one day they fell down when I was out and about, that’s when I knew things had gone too far!

    • Oh my goodness! I didn’t just laugh… Well, maybe a quick giggle :P luckily with my weight loss I still have clothes hoarded from just about every size I have been! Thank you for the comment, will definitely be popping over to your blog to check it out :)

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