My Frugal Week!

This week has gone by in something of a blur. It’s the week before payday and I’m skinter than a skint thing in skintsville. I have 99p left in my bank account! I have cupboards and a freezer full of food, food growing outside, and all of my bills are covered, so I’m not too worried. I just want to make it through to Tuesday in that mythical state…In The Black.

Frugal successes this week have included another week of mainly store cupboard eating –







Yes, one of those meals does indeed include salmon. A while ago I found some individually wrapped salmon in the chilled section, reduced to about £6 I think and I’m sure there were eight portions in the bag. Mr AF loves salmon, and served sparingly has lasted for months upon months. I love freezers. The plan is to eat down the freezers until there’s little enough to fit into the little one over the fridge to allow for some hardcore defrosting to make it more efficient and give me a bit more space in there. Also, keeping the food bill down, woohoo.

Another five. Whole. Days. At work. Ah well. 50 less hours I can spend frittering cash away. No extra cash in commission this week but that’s ok.

I mended a jeans button and an unravelled seam on a jumper this week too – why I put this off for so long I do not know as it took me about ten minutes in total and saved a good pair of jeans and one of my favourite jumpers.

I also dug the pound land potato bag. I uncovered a handful of baby new potatoes, I think you can see them in a couple of the pics above. However, I do know where I went wrong and I have a better plan for next year. However, at a cost of a pound, I’m not terribly fussed and the bag is folded up for use next year.

I found my library card! Ok so this only actually saved me a pound, but I found it and it’s still a pound!

I also bagged myself a free dinner courtesy of Mr AF, fish supper put paid to my diet that day but it was so good, didn’t cost me a penny and allowed me to use the planned meal for that night the next day.

All in all I’m so pleased with my successes this week. The week before payday normally sees me going spend crazy as I end up thinking ‘well, I’m broke already, what difference does being a bit more broke make?’ But now I can see what a difference that does make. Two days before payday, no overdrafts, no borrowing from savings, no putting inconsequential rubbish on the credit card. Today, I read this post on 1 Thrifty Thing about doing your best. It really resonated with me, and now I know better, I will do better.

Back on Tuesday with a budget update on payday!


2 thoughts on “My Frugal Week!

  1. That’s my goal this week as well. Just don’t go into the negatives! I feel like I am overdrafting every other week right now, and that is an extra 30 bucks every time. It adds up! I’m constantly paying myself back and never saving. I hope we both manage to stay in the black. Here’s to payday.

  2. Hey there! Thanks so much for the shout-out. It helps me to remember that I’m a work in progress but doing better everyday :) Keep up the great work with all the awesome changes you’re making in your life!

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