Something has made me stupidly happy today…


This is me, on my way to the bin, with a handful of chopped up (and cancelled) credit card. I’m down to one card now, which I will be keeping but locked in the filing cabinet that only has one key (and Mr AF has it on his keys).

It feels like I’ve let out a huge breath that I didn’t know I had been holding in.

I’m having a trial week of Austere August and whoops, I only have 45p left :/ but that’s why it’s a trial week! I’ve also started a well being journal as I tend to go way off track in other areas when I’m focussing so hard on one thing. I’m finding myself getting more and more stressed as I go along which is silly, so it’s time for a well being adjustment. I’ll share a page on here when I don’t feel quite so silly about it!

The way I’m going, the final institutional debt will be clear in two and a half months. The mere thought of that makes me grin from ear to ear :)


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