A brief hiatus where I come to terms with the loss of my sweet boy and try to get life back on track.

Thank you for your patience.


Austere August Update #2

This week went much better than last, and although after our wee cycling trip where I paid for the parking I was still only left with one handsome pound, I made it through the week intact :) it really shows how much of my daily spending was just nonsense.

Mr AF and I are about to cycle into town to pick up some bits I forgot when shopping; today should be another no petrol day. I’m quite surprised how much petrol I’m saving by making the smallest of changes! A tank has lasted me two and a half weeks so far with plenty left. I do a lot of short journeys and I have been experimenting with hypermiling, mainly by trying not to use my brakes too much. I’ve been trying to judge my speed better and when to lift off to allow me to cruise around the corners sans brakes; slowing down not only helping my fuel consumption but reducing the likelihood of getting fined for speeding!

*edit to add- HOW DO PEOPLE CYCLE EVERYWHERE?? I’m knackered!*

The Real Cost of Cheap Food

My grocery budget is often the thing I find it easiest to cut back on.
 I’m not so sure I want to do that now.
 I’m currently watching the Channel 4 Dispatches programme ‘Supermarkets: the Real Price of Cheap Food’. I know these programmes are set up to provide shock value and a lot of the things I knew anyway but…
 I grew up in a farming community and I should know better, but I was moved almost to tears by the impact that supermarket promotions have on farmers. It’s made me determined to find a good green grocer or a market stall to buy produce from. But is even the produce there ethical? I cannot afford local farm shops, that’s for sure. I grow as much as I can myself.
 I know my few pounds a week won’t stop the big guys from ripping off their suppliers but maybe I can find a pocket that it’s better off in.

Austere August Update #1 – the trial

Well, my trial week didn’t go so well but on the plus side I did spend a lot less than I would have done! I had spent the vast majority of the five pound note by the end of Saturday so I need to do better with eking the money out. Mr AF has a habit of tagging on a drink or bar of chocolate whenever I buy anything so that took up a chunk of the money.
 This week I’m planning to leave the money locked away for as long as possible as blatantly I’m not at the stage where I can trust myself to keep my purse on me all the time!
 Does anyone else find money burns a hole in their pocket or is it just me?