Budgeting Thoughts

Have you ever made a budget that just turned out to be overly optimistic? Or perhaps had a wedge of “spare” cash for “emergencies” that you just left in your current account, only to be frittered away and then some?

Yeah, me too.

My initial budgets were mainly set in la-la land- assuming I wouldn’t be doing any out of budget spending, that the money would be shuffled neatly across into savings or towards debt at the end of the month when I was miraculously unspent.

Next month’s budget is sorted and I have budgeted down to zero. I’ve included some personal spending, some Christmas shopping money, money for all the vital things is included. There’s no spare money in the budget to be frittered away; everything has a category.

I’m going back to an old fashioned spending diary, paper, pen, the amount and what it was for. I’m a stationery addict so no need to go out and buy a notepad and no worrying about running out of ink. No fancy apps and no excuses.

I’ve spent the past couple of months on and off the frugal wagon and it’s taken me time to get back into the right headspace. Here I am though, keep on keeping on. If there’s a secret to this frugal life it is that. Keep trying, don’t give up. If you slip, do what you can to repair any damage and move on. Have an ideal budget, but have a real one too. Having something to work towards is a great motivator but without the real one you get disheartened when nothing seems to go to plan.

Baby steps, baby steps.


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