Meal Planning for…well, forever


Last week, I set myself the task of meal planning right through to November payday. The grocery budget is one of the places I find it easiest to cut back with little compromise in quality, however that does mean more work when cooking. I find this a pretty acceptable compromise, and even cooking from scratch I have a collection of convenience meals up my sleeve.

Up there is my first page of planned meals. Some of them may seem a little extravagant (gammon steak!) but they are based around what I have in my freezer. The gammon, for example, came as a pack of six from Farm Foods, for about £3 I think. Decent size steaks, minimal fat and hardly any shrinkage under the grill. Just how Mr AF likes them! Ticked items have been cooked and served, starred items are heading up the meal plan for this week.

This week we have:

Spaghetti Bolognaise (made last week, leftovers frozen into sensible portions)
Gammon, egg and chips (homemade chips, eggs an ever present staple, and the aforementioned Farm Foods gammon!)
Omelette, boiled potatoes, mixed vegetables (you can tell when I’m trying to save money, lots of eggs)
Fish pie and vegetables (fish pie mix was on offer a while ago and I found it in the back of the freezer)
Cottage pie (home grown onions, value mince with the fat drained)
Bacon and mushroom fried rice (whenever I cook a rice based meal I keep some back to make fried rice with. This one always goes down well)

Meal planning for a month or so is harder, I find, as my cooking skills are, ahem, self taught. As a fussy eater my scope of meals is more limited but meal planning over a longer span of time forces me to do a little more research to avoid too many repetitions. Aside from the gammon. Which Mr AF loves.

Any hints on meal planning? Any resources you love?


4 thoughts on “Meal Planning for…well, forever

  1. This post caught my eye as this week I made my debut into the world of meal planning! It’s going really well although I’m not used to such a rigid structure with no spontaneity, so I’ve planned a week of meals and I am choosing one off the list each day. Actually we are voting each day for what will be served for dinner.

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