Thinking about goals

I was reading a blog post by Notes from the Frugal Trenches the other day and she had such a simple yet brilliant idea for goal setting – first, then. I really like this idea…a fairly quick, short term goal, followed by a more medium term goal. At the moment, my weight loss goal is looking like – first, get into the hundreds (lose 4lb). Then, drop my BMI out of the obese category for my height (lose 7lb). Which sounds far more achievable than ‘lose 42lb’ which is the long term goal.

When I first started this blog I sort of had this idea in the back of my head that I had the blog, I knew what to do, I was accountable to my blog audience, this will now go off perfectly without a hitch. I read a great many personal finance blogs and some days, I forget that they’re usually a great deal further into their journey than I am. My need for perfection, immediately, has a lot to do with scuppering my plans. I also have a huge self-destruct switch in my head; when something in my day goes wrong I tend to throw myself under the bus, so to speak. My weight and spending are two of those things that get squashed on a bad day.

What I need to remember is that even if work feels awful; if I have an argument with Mr AF or my family; if the dog head-butts me (surprisingly painful) or any of the other myriad of things that can go wrong in a day… I can still not go out and spend loads of money, digging into my overdraft. Or eat loads, and put weight on. I can still end on a no spend day, a triumph. I can still stick to my eating plan and end the day knowing I will have lost a bit of weight.

So in the spirit of first, then- my finance goal is:

First, make it to payday solvent (including not having to ‘borrow’ money from other savings accounts except in the case of emergency). Then, get to payday with £20 left. (Don’t get me wrong – my debt payment comes out on payday and the rest of my spending comes from whatever is left. It would be nice to have extra left over to start a little emergency fund though!)

P.S- my debt figure is down from around £3300 to £1680. And that is worth celebrating!


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