Change is A’Coming

This past time of radio silence has been tumultuous in the AF household. Mr AF’s job was a victim of a downsizing company, and I crashed my car into a ditch. We’re both standing and dusting off, but it’s the start of a long road, I feel.

After finding out about Mr AF’s job two things happened. I frittered away a lot of money. I seemed to have this odd reaction of ‘oh crap. Can’t spend on whatever I like soon…better spend now’. I’m disappointed in myself at this reaction but it was almost a knee jerk thing. I still haven’t achieved my first finance goal (be solvent without borrowing from other accounts) but as February to March payday is a short month I’m planning on achieving that goal in the coming month. I’ve already borrowed from another savings account this month which is why I can’t achieve the goal.

The second things that happened is that I devoted a huge amount of resources to paying off my debt. Just under half of my wages at the moment, to get it paid off as quickly as is feasible. So instead of May being my DFD, March will see me free of debt (aside from the mortgage) and also with a holiday paid for (booked before the situation with the job became apparent and not costing us a whole lot). This is the part of my reaction that I’m proud of. This part of my reaction will allow me to cover the whole of the household outgoings without breaking a sweat without digging into any of the redundancy payout.

Next time I’m going to talk a bit about the various things I’m doing and we’re doing to help make things go a little smoother.


2 thoughts on “Change is A’Coming

  1. Welcome back, it’s good to hear from you. so sorry to hear you’ve been going through this really stressful time.

    I can understand your stockpiling/shopping response as a reaction to the redundancy, I think it’s probably quite a common approach. I did something similar when we first heard Dan’s job could be in danger. Congratulations on your debt reduction and bringing your debt free date forward, you’re right to be proud of yourself. I look forward to your future posts about what step you’re taking, we’ve just started living on 25% less money as preparation for if/when we’re on a lower income (it seems something big is on the horizon).

    • Thank you for your comment! I know Mr AF will find another job soon but it won’t be so well paid as he had. But I am eternally grateful that I can cover our bills, it could be much worse! I hope your big thing on the horizon is of the positive kind but if not I wish you all the fortitude in the world to get through it!

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