It’s Done..

I’m at the end of one long road and at the start of another!

As of the 20th March 2015, 00:01, I am debt free.

The last £265 went whizzing over to my mother and I got a text saying ‘thank you for the money, that’s it now then isn’t it?’ No fireworks, just a simple acknowledgement and a sigh of relief.

I’ve learned so much from being in debt. I’ve yo-yo’d in and out of debt for all of my adult life, mostly being rescued by my darling mother when everything went wrong. But in a way that was worse, it never taught me the lesson.

I can say to a certain extent that I don’t wholly regret getting in to debt.

I know that sounds crazy to say but a large portion of it was spent making sure my dear Roger got the care he needed, and I don’t regret that.

What I do regret though…

Car finance over five years. Oh. My. God. That was like a huge millstone around my neck and I’m so glad to finally be rid of it. I’m now looking into selling my car and buying something more sensible, because Fiat 500 and two big dogs? Not gonna happen.

Frittering. Using my credit card for impulse purchases. At FAST FOOD PLACES of all things. Seriously, I used my credit card at McDonalds more than once. I have remedied this by completely and utterly forgetting my PIN number so I can’t fritter with money that’s not even mine.

I’ve decided to embark on a Fiscal Fast for the next seven days, so let’s see how I get on with that!

Thank you for sticking with me dear readers :)


4 thoughts on “It’s Done..

  1. Congratulations on your debt freedom.

    I know what you mean, it’s a little bit of an anti-climax, we build it up and it’s such a massive thing, but we don’t see the reward for a little while. It’s just the satisfaction rather than people running over with balloons and shiny hats. I agree with you about it not all being a bad thing, the lessons learned are huge and there are some feelings you’ll probably never forget, almost worth the pain.

    • Thank you so much! The one thing I have noticed that seemed fairly immediate is that I feel more in control. I want to keep that money in my pocket now, rather than frittering it all away. I don’t know, when I was paying debt off it seemed the little I had left over I felt that there was nothing ‘worthwhile’ I could do with it. Now I know that’s not true but now I am realising the potential of what I have :)

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