My Fiscal Fast!

Jeff Yeager – the ultimate cheapskate

A fiscal fast – the concept of not spending any money for seven entire day’s really appeals to me. No stock-ups apart from fuel for the car and milk allowed, it’s a get by on what you’ve got sort of thing.

I was spend free this week until Thursday, when we ran out of milk, fire lighters and Mr’s cereal bars. All of which I didn’t find out until last thing at night and while I could have stayed up and made him flapjacks as an easy snack to keep his sugar levels right at work, yeah, didn’t happen. I also needed to get his birthday card. So I did spend this week but judging by my totals below, I still should be proud for what I did achieve!

Comparable week in February (day after payday for seven days) spend: £58.56

Fiscal fast week (day after payday March, seven days) spend: £8.23

Holy crap.

Also, bear in mind that the comparable week, that money came out of my account mainly in amounts smaller than five pounds. I hadn’t pulled the plug on the bath but a fast dribble will empty it surprisingly quickly, wouldn’t you say!

So my fiscal fast wasn’t perfect, but it did make me feel good. It made me feel in control; usually by the end of week one post payday I have next to no money left. Part of that was the huge chunk of my wage going to debt repayment but the other part of that was that I convinced myself I ‘deserved’ these ‘little treats’ on a daily basis. Multiple times a day.

I do want to attempt this again, and I’ve learned from this past week’s mistakes. Buy a bigger bottle of milk, and pre buy birthday cards, don’t get them at the last minute! Mr’s eating habits vary wildly depending on how he feels, and what work he’s doing but I will go back to buying one extra box of cereal bars a week, and if those stores run out, homemade flapjacks. Any hints on if these would be freezable? If they are I might just run a batch up, wrap and bung in freezer for emergencies!

Thank you for reading, as always!


One thought on “My Fiscal Fast!

  1. It’s an eye opener isn’t it? Obviously the odd unavoidable expense will crop up but I love how easy it is to say no to those other things that usually feel like necessities but really aren’t, they’re just to pass the time, or to relieve stress or they’re just convenient.

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