Change is A’Coming

This past time of radio silence has been tumultuous in the AF household. Mr AF’s job was a victim of a downsizing company, and I crashed my car into a ditch. We’re both standing and dusting off, but it’s the start of a long road, I feel.

After finding out about Mr AF’s job two things happened. I frittered away a lot of money. I seemed to have this odd reaction of ‘oh crap. Can’t spend on whatever I like soon…better spend now’. I’m disappointed in myself at this reaction but it was almost a knee jerk thing. I still haven’t achieved my first finance goal (be solvent without borrowing from other accounts) but as February to March payday is a short month I’m planning on achieving that goal in the coming month. I’ve already borrowed from another savings account this month which is why I can’t achieve the goal.

The second things that happened is that I devoted a huge amount of resources to paying off my debt. Just under half of my wages at the moment, to get it paid off as quickly as is feasible. So instead of May being my DFD, March will see me free of debt (aside from the mortgage) and also with a holiday paid for (booked before the situation with the job became apparent and not costing us a whole lot). This is the part of my reaction that I’m proud of. This part of my reaction will allow me to cover the whole of the household outgoings without breaking a sweat without digging into any of the redundancy payout.

Next time I’m going to talk a bit about the various things I’m doing and we’re doing to help make things go a little smoother.


Now That it’s all Over…

This Christmas has felt far less excessive that previous ones, thankfully! Just the one present for me from Mr AF – a shiny new road bike which I am itching to try out as soon as the rain stops and the lake-like puddles dry out. Mr AF was pleased with his presents, all carefully researched and chosen at the lowest prices I could get them for, two even came with cash back.

My mother didn’t go overboard but the naughty woman did buy me a brand new bread maker instead of a second hand one. It’s already on it’s second loaf and we haven’t touched the store bought bread which is now taking up space in the freezer! I think the bread will cost more per loaf, but it will taste better and not be full of God knows what.

In January, I usually either want to BUY ALL THE THINGS or buy nothing. This year, I’m in a buy nothing and enjoy what I have mood. I’m on track to achieve my first goal – to be solvent without having to borrow from my other savings accounts. Any money left at the end of the month will be split 50/50 between an emergency savings account and my final debt. It’s creeping ever lower and if I don’t knock that odd £30 off by the end of this month it’s going to drive me nuts.

But for now, time to relax. Time to declutter and get my thoughts in order. To me, 2015 has already started and while I can’t guarantee a good year, I can guarantee a productive one.

A Frugal Father’s Day


For a few years now I’ve gone with baking rather than bought presents for both Father’s and Mother’s Day. This has a few benefits- my parents are borderline hoarders so consumables are always welcome. No mess, no storage required, they just give me the plate back when they’re done. Also, I like to think my time and effort mean a lot more to them than something grabbed off the shelf at the last minute. The last, obvious benefit- baking is cheap like the budgie. I had all the ingredients to hand, just a bit of time and care makes something that my dad will enjoy (coffee cakes, which he loves, because it means nobody else will have any as we don’t like them. My mum gets Victoria sponge dripping with buttercream).

Happy Father’s Day Dad xx