The following are some links to sites, blogs and tools that I am finding helpful with my efforts to cut back and stop wasting money. I am in no way affiliated with or paid by these sites, I genuinely use the tools and information they provide. I hope to update this page on a regular basis with information, blogs and websites I have found useful!

Money Saving Expert – the obvious one. Read every relevant guide they have!

Debt Free Wannabe – a subsection of the Money Saving Expert site is their forums, and in particular I have haunted the Debt Free Wannabe one for years. Heartbreak, inspiration and courage, who needs Eastenders? Plus the challenges sub section is a godsend if, like me, you are a wee bit competitive.

Noddle – free for life credit report. I find they can be a little slow to update but I love this, and it even gives me a balance on my mortgage. Godsend. I have had no need to pay Experian or the like for my credit report since I found this site.


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