Taking Advantage

No, I don’t mean in a bad way, but are there money saving things as part of your job or any other schemes that you’re not taking advantage of?

Through my work I get a basic level of health insurance. I just pay tax on my employer’s contributions and that’s it – it costs me in the region of £10 a year.

I’m pretty religious about going to the dentist yearly (issues with my front teeth and being terrified that they will just snap one day) and as a glasses wearer the cost of keeping my eyes healthy soon mounts up.

Some people at my work don’t bother to put claims in to get their costs back and at first I didn’t either – I mean, they didn’t do it, so it must be a pain in the arse to do it, right?


2 minutes filling a form in and writing an address on an envelope and I’m done.

I’m currently waiting on my benefits to renew to be able to use the sexy 50% off another pair of glasses voucher to be able to get some prescription sunglasses for ‘free’. My dental treatments this year were covered. My glasses and sight test cost me about £13 out of my own pocket.

Look around. See what you’re entitled to. You work hard for these things and it seems silly to not use them, I mean, in my case it was only through laziness and being intimidated by a piece of paper.

All that said, I might actually now go and put in my overtime sheet!