The Married Life Action Plan

So, now we’ve returned from honeymoon (post about the wedding coming soon!) and, er, slightly overspent (by about £30 so not the end of the world!) things have got to be stricter than ever. We’re back down to just the one income for now, though Mr AF has enough saved up to tide his bills over until he finds a new job.
 Our shared goal is to overpay our mortgage and my individual goal is to save up an emergency fund to cover my bills. So I’m alternating between saving for my goal and saving towards our joint goal (we can only overpay in £500 chunks).
 I’ve been hitting the Debt Free Wannabe forums over at Money Saving Expert – while I’m now debt free overspending is something that I will always struggle with, and these forums get that! You have to find support wherever you can. I’m participating more wholeheartedly in their challenges than ever before!
 My plan to cover the rest of the month is laid out below and I’ll revisit on the first of June to let you all know how I’ve coped!
 So, step one : spend no more than £10 (excluding groceries, from the 17th May to the 1st June)
 Step two : spend no more than £50 on groceries
 Step three : have as many no spend days as possible! Anything I want to buy is going on a thirty day wait list.
 Step four : spend nothing on petrol! My mother has used my car for he past ten days and it went out with a full tank and will come back with a full tank.
 I’ve made a few promises to myself at the start of my married life. I want to spend less money on dross – my life doesn’t need to be filled with consumerism to be full. I want to value and take care of myself more – how can I expect to be valued by my husband if I don’t value myself? And finally – I want us to have more fun. We both work so hard both in and out of our home and I often say I’m too tired to do anything apart from the things I have to do to keep life going. That’s simply not true and we can have lots of fun for not much money. Even the things that do cost – if I spend less on dross, I can afford to go out more!
 So, that’s the plan. I’m a planner, now it’s time to develop the fortitude to follow my plans through!


The Little Things

I was over at Frugal Queen’s Blog and she was talking about the cost of the little things mounting up.

I must admit, there’s a lot that I don’t take into account because of the was money is divided in our relationship – he pays the bulk of the mortgage, rates and electricity, and I pay for food, insurances, the pets, phone, Internet, etc.

Mr AF can be fairly frugal, we don’t have the water heater on, for example – he showers at work everyday and I only rarely take a bath, usually preferring to shower; so the shower or the kettle heat the bulk of our water, when needed. Most things are switched off at the plug when we’re out, and we have storage heaters on economy 7 and an open fire fuelled mostly by free wood.

I’m not so good where electricity is concerned. But after reading FQ’s post on how it all builds up, I went around the house and unplugged all of the chargers not in use; I turned most things off at the socket (under cabinet lights, my bedside lamp, more chargers) and am vowing to do this on a more regular basis – we’re in this together!

Any other suggestions for saving pennies? Other than you know, literally saving pennies!